Programs For At-Rist &
Dissadvantaged Populations

At-Risk Population Programs

National recidivism averages are between 65% and 70%. It is possible to improve these numbers by changing the way we educate people at-risk and by changing the types of education offered.

Successful living involves multiple facets of an individual. We must share knowledge for all facets of the learner; personal development, self-discovery, financial awareness, lifelong learning, as well as income producing possibilities.

What Doesn’t Work: Increased Pressure Means Increased Stress

We understand the type of challenges you face – helping people who are at risk of a lifetime of economic dependency learn the skills necessary to become a successful member of our society. You’ve tried all the techniques and still something may seem to be missing in programs designed to help people learn the skills necessary to become self-sufficient.

What Does Work: Empowered Whole Person Programs

At Rivera Business Development, we’ve discovered that knowledge and skills come from many sources and that we must help students develop a desire to learn for their own, individual reasons. It is possible to find out what motivates each individual and tap into those factors. This allows them to incorporate the concepts you are teaching into their lives.

Providing Opportunity For Those At Risk

Here are a few examples of programs we’ve implemented for the at-risk population:

  • Opportunity Training™ System for Drop-Out Prevention
  • Opportunity Training™ System for Reentry
  • Opportunity Training™ System for Non-Profits

At the core of Opportunity Training™ is a belief that everyone has within them the capacity to develop their full human potential. We are partners, helping people to find their own path to a successful resolution to the problems they have identified and chosen to overcome.

Benefits of Opportunity Training™ Programs

Not only will you see fantastic results after implementing Opportunity Training™, we will provide consulting to guide you through the development of assessments and data management tools needed to capture data to demonstrate your success. Benefits of Opportunity Training™ programs include:

  • Students Become Aware of Hidden Talents
  • Students Can Immediately Apply Concepts
  • More Students Will Complete the Program
  • Based on Evidence Based Practice Standard

Get Started Today

Rivera offers several ways to learn about training the at-risk population including individual coaching , workshops , or presentations .

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