Programs for Economic Growth

Certain segments of our society can’t imagine a prosperous existence for themselves. The Rivera Program combines multiple areas of life learning that are basic to economic self-sufficiency which empowers and inspires participants to achieve the life of their dreams.

What Doesn’t Work: Some People Fall Through Cracks

At the heart of the Rivera program is the belief that it is possible to break the cycle of learned helplessness. There are generations of families who’ve lived in poverty because they and society have created the conditions for them to fall through the cracks. They fall through the cracks because they do not fit into our current idea of the education process, and because the ‘whole person’ is not embraced in the current solutions

What Does Work: Make Education Relevant

Because not everyone fits into society’s current education process, we must look at ways to make education relevant for those that are left behind. Opportunity Training™ helps the student develop a desire to learn based on their own wants and desires. We do not lecture to students; we guide them through a process that helps them develop the skills they will need to become economically self-sufficient and the motivation to achieve those goals

Increased Confidence and Knowledge Leads To Increased Success

Opportunity Training™ taps into each person’s desires as an individual instead of trying to fit individuals into a pre-conceived idea of what they want. When students are able to see the results of their own capabilities, they gain confidence which leads to successful outcomes.

Examples of Our Programs

Opportunity Training™ was developed after years of research and with the input of leaders of the educational industry and has proven to be successful for many organizations.

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Rivera offers several ways to learn about training for economic development including individual coaching , workshops , or presentations.

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