How a Decision I Made Changed My Life

When I moved out of New Jersey and sublet from my brother Harry, I wasn’t sure what I would end up doing for work. I had several small businesses in New Jersey and had left that behind. I chose to focus on business consulting, based on my extensive experience in business management. For reasons I cannot explain, I went for a walk in downtown Wilmington, Delaware and started introducing myself as a new business owner and asking who I should meet. To my delight, I was given the names of several people that became mentors, friends and led to starting my business consulting practice.

Under contract with many small nonprofits teaching entrepreneurship, I was invited to take a training in financial coaching. The decision to accept the invitation and become a financial coach would change my business and my life. During the training, one of the sponsors of the program asked me why I was so passionate about working with the disadvantaged populations, including individuals reentering society.

I did not have an answer in that moment, but I pondered it on my way home. The answer finally came to me. I had felt the pain caused by the loss of loved ones to addiction or violence. I wanted to help people.

Financial Coaching and Training became the method I integrated into all my business programs. Whether working with small business owners, executives or the underserved, I found financial coaching helps people realize the importance of financial stability and how it is the foundation for success in all we do.

The next time I saw the woman that asked me why I did what I did, I shared my reason. Now, more than ten years since I first became a Certified Financial Coach from the New Mexico Community College and a Certified Financial Coach Trainer with the University of Delaware, I continue to use financial coaching as the basis for my work. The stories about the difference it has made in the lives of the people I work with would fill pages.

Little did I know that becoming a Certified Financial Coach would change my life, my business approach and the lives of those I serve.

Ask yourself if financial coaching is for you and could it change your business.

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