Why I believe so much in the power of financial coaching

When I was given the opportunity to become a financial coach, I accepted. I am probably one of the few people in the world that likes going to training programs, so I accepted the offer. Someone else might have wondered why financial coaching when I was focused on business consulting. To me it made sense.

It was a five-day training and it changed the way I saw money management and financial literacy education forever. In time, I became a University of Delaware Certified Financial Coach and Certified Financial Coach Trainer.  I was involved in researching how to change the way we educate and train during that time. Financial Coaching was a fairly new field and it was doing just that.

Once I started applying financial coaching to my work, I was hooked. Now that it has been more than ten years since I became a financial coach and trained hundreds of financial coaches, I believe it is time to scale this coaching method to reach more people around the world.

Why is financial coaching so successful? Because financial coaches do not tell their clients what to do. Our traditional models for financial education have been to tell someone how to fix their finances or why they need to change how they manage their money. Have you ever told someone what to do, they agreed and did nothing with your advice? Telling people what to do is not empowering them. Helping someone to find their own reasons for changing their behavior empowers them for life. The same is true for financial coaching.

If you are interested in this subject and how to become a Certified Financial Coach, join me for my upcoming information session. I will speak further on the difference between financial coaches and financial advisors, how financial coaching is showing results and answer any questions you may have. While I will share our Financial Coaching Certificate and Business Program, this is truly an information session. You will have learned more about Financial Coaching and whether this might be the business you have been looking for. No strings attached. This is not a sales pitch.

Come to this information session if:

  • You have heard about Financial Coaching, but still have questions.
  • You want to understand how Financial Coaches can help more people move from financial instability to financial capability.
  • You want to do work that leaves you feeling good because you are making a difference in people’s lives.
  • You are tired of working for others and want to start your own business.
  • You want to receive training that follows science-based training methods.
  • You want to do this work, but are afraid you do not know enough about finances.
  • You want to be part of a cohort of financial coaches setting the highest standards for the Financial Coaching Practice.

This information session is not for you if:

  • You cannot understand why people struggle with money.
  • You believe you know everything there is to know about money management and you can tell people how to solve their financial problems.
  • You want to start a business that does not require a commitment to continuous skills development.
  • You do not believe this information session is not a sales pitch.

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