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Improve Outcomes With
Opportunity Training™

The Opportunity Training™ Program is a training method for trainers who want to improve their outcomes by increasing the number of people that complete and follow-through with the lessons they have learned.

Rivera Business Development will also help you track outcomes. We will provide knowledge of the tools and techniques needed to gather and manage information moving you toward becoming an evidence-based program.

Funding Can Be Tied To Results

Qualifying and staying qualified for grants is often based on the ability to report positive outcomes. With the Rivera approach you will be able to conduct your own training using our innovative methods, but more importantly, you will have the knowledge to gather and provide the data that you need to show that you are delivering quality programs.

  • Evidence Based Practice Standards invaluable for grant process.
  • Increase your chances of gaining grant funds.
  • Improve the odds for your students.
  • Full access during the first year of certification via webinars, live calls and one annual site visit.
  • Up-to-date news and tips on industry standards.

With the Rivera program you will not only have a training method that will motivate your students to take positive action, you will also get what you need to be able to quantify those results. You will get that level of service nowhere else.


You Can Deliver Quality Training

A top notch training program is within easy reach. We have several options available to you so that you can begin even if you have a limited budget.

  • Program & Curriculum Development
    The Rivera method can be applied to many different types of industries and learners. We can work with you to develop a curriculum for your program that will produce the type of results that you need.
  • Train-The-Trainer
    Rivera’s coaches and trainers can train your staff to deliver the program using the methods that it took years to develop. There are techniques that you can learn only from Rivera that will improve your success rate.
  • Certification Program
    Becoming a certified Opportunity training™ facilitator will deliver benefits from years to come. Once certified, you will get unprecedented access to the program development team and immediate access to innovative and effective tracking methods.

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Learn more about the Opportunity Training, a method that has been transforming the way people learn across the globe.

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