Certification Program

Is Certification Right For You?

The Opportunity Training™ Certification Program is for anyone wanting to improve their outcomes by increasing the number of people that complete and implement the lessons learned.

Becoming certified is affordable and will produce positive results for years to come.


Look What You Can Achieve With Certification

As a certified Opportunity Training™ facilitator you will be on the cutting-edge of education and training and benefit by being on the ground floor of a program that really makes a difference in people’s lives. Demonstrate to others that your commitment to improving the lives of people at risk and to businesses by developing employees to their fullest potential.

Below is just a sampling of what you can be certified to deliver:

  • Opportunity Training™ System for Drop -Out Prevention
  • Opportunity Training™ System for Employment Development
  • Opportunity Training™ System for Educators
  • Opportunity Training™ System for Reentry
  • Opportunity Training™ System for Non-Profits

Why Should You Become Certified?

In only four days, you can become a certified Opportunity Training™ facilitator which means you too can deliver the Rivera method to your organization. In addition your certification includes:

  • The rights to use the Opportunity Training™ Materials and Curriculum
  • On-going education and support by Rivera Business Development
  • Annual training support ensuring that your skills stay sharp.
  • Full access to Rivera Business Development during first year of certification via webinars, phone and one annual site visit.
  • Access to all tools and techniques developed to gather and manage the data needed to become an evidence-based program


Don’t Wait For Others – Take Action Now

If you are not already facing mounting pressure related to improving outcomes – you soon will be. Get started today by becoming a certified Opportunity Training™ facilitator. Show the world that you are committed to improving results. Call us at  (302) 706-1006  and find out for yourself that a small investment in time and money can pay huge dividends for yourself and the people you serve.