Programs and Curriculum Development

Develop Training That Works For You

We specialize in creating customized programs and curricula that will work. We can work with you to meet the unique needs of the community you serve.

Rivera Business Development has years of experience developing programs that work for a variety of students. We can work with your organization to develop a curriculum for your program and a way to gather data related to results.


A Multi-Disciplinary Approach To Training

The Rivera approach was developed after years of research with the input of some of the most innovative leaders in education. We have taken a multi-disciplinary approach to build a program that meets all the needs of the individuals that experience it.

We Build On Each Success

You can benefit from this experience by working with us to develop a program that addresses the needs of your students. Some of the types of organizations we’ve assisted are:

  • Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship, University of Delaware
  • Delaware Financial Literacy Institute
  • The Latin American Community Center

Get The Solution You Are Looking For – Without A Major Investment

An innovative and engaging program that will increase your positive results is within your reach. Rivera Business Development can help you create and develop a program that can be started with limited funding while still producing impressive results. Call us at  (302) 722-1006 today to get started.