The Personal Development Plan

Personal Plan for Business Growth


  • Evidence-based Assessment Methods
  • Science-based Coaching
  • Course Materials Delivered Weekly
  • In-Depth Strategic Planning
  • Business Plan Survival Guide
Personal plan

Stumbling forward down the path of life without a plan, or even a map – is how most careers begin.

Some of us manage to begin multiple careers this way – including most of the entrepreneurs I’ve met. If you’re part of that majority, you’ve no doubt picked up some useful experience, knowledge and skills along the way.

Question is, are you where you want to be?

Design, Plan and Seize the Life You Are Truly Meant To Live

If you find yourself struggling to grow (or survive), feeling lost and/or overwhelmed, or on the edge of burn out – there’s a high probability one (or more) of the following issues is undermining your success:

  • Unknowingly – or, perhaps, for the sake of expediency – you may have skipped one or more critical steps in the early stages of planning, launching and operating your business
  • Underlying and wholly unproductive beliefs and habits may be keeping you from living and working to your fullest potential.
  • Your entrepreneurial chops aren’t quite up to your present business challenges
  • Your following outdated business and personal growth programs.

The Good News:

I’ve helped literally thousands of entrepreneurs solve their most complex challenges (personal and professional) find their path to financial independence and the freedom it creates.

Because my career as an entrepreneur began with educating entrepreneurs and instructors in academia, private enterprise and non-profit service organizations – I had the unique opportunity to learn from an incredible diversity of bonafide experts in the field. 

I poured everything I learned back into my work (and continue, to this day) both as an entrepreneur and business coach.

Evidence-based program design is a methodology I gravitated to – right from the moment I first encountered it. 

Using evidence-based practice standards, my programs are designed based on a growing body of evidence for personal and professional development.

Now it’s time for you to learn from this approach.