The Successful Living Action Plan

Now is the time to create your Successful Living Action Plan on your Path to Prosperity!

Evidence-based practices and learning for behavior change to live the life you desire!

My hope for this book is that it will make a difference in how you approach your goals of reaching your desired level of success. This is a compilation of years of research, teaching, and perfecting our time-proven methods. As you go through each chapter, you will find these habits will become second nature, making your changes in behavior much easier.

The Successful Living Action Plan starts with the Successful Living Path to Prosperity, built on the 5 Pillars of Success:

  • Self-Discovery and Inner Healing
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Income-Producing Activities
  • Financial Capability
  • Social Responsibility/Community

This training method has helped thousands of people from all walks of life. May you find your path to prosperity in these pages.