Pressure To Improve Training Outcomes Is High

The pressure is mounting for organizations to increase their effectiveness. Many grants require that the training provided demonstrate quantifiable, positive results.

The coaches and trainers at Rivera will provide fun and engaging workshops where you learn the training model that has continued to show proven positive results year after year.

Affordable, Customizable Programs With Real Results

Organizations are continually asked to do more with less. Budgets are slashed but at the same time, pressure is escalating to produce better and better results.  The Rivera program was developed with the end in mind, meaning that we have a process that focuses on getting measurable positive results.  We can help you not only achieve the results you need, but help give you the tools you need to track the results. This is a level of service not offered by other programs – and you’ll be surprised at how easy and affordable it will be.

Don’t Guess: Go With Proven Evidence-Based Practice Standard Programs

Our training program emphasizes results, and we have the tools and techniques to help you gather the data you need to demonstrate the positive outcomes that you will get once you implement the Rivera program. No more “guessing” how effective your training is – with Rivera you will know.

  • Assessments created following industry standards
  • Industry based performance measures that capture quantitative and qualitative data that empirically proves results
  • Consulting on Performance Measures versus Performance Evaluations

Workshops Offer What You Need, When You Need It

Our workshops are full of great content and your group will learn the techniques that it took us years to perfect. Not only will your group become skilled in the methodology, but you’ll also get advice on the skills and tools needed to monitor your results. All of this in a fun-filled workshop your participants will talk about for years to come. Here are a few examples of our workshops:

  • How Changing Your Approach to Education and Training Improves Results
  • Why it Really is All About You and How Your World Changes When You Change
  • Starting A Business With Little to No External Funding
  • How to Create Your Successful Living Action Plan
  • Beyond Creation: How to Stick to Your Successful Living Action Plan
  • How to Be Ready When Opportunity Knocks
  • Creating Your Pro-Social Network for Successful Living
  • Creating Your Opportunity of a Lifetime

Learn more about the workshop topics offered by Rivera.

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